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The limitations of the technology of 1998 (the fictional development date of Mafia City) is integral to what makes the visuals seem so scary today: the disorientation, the poor lighting, the fuzzy textures always forcing you to squint in the very direction you’re so afraid of going. There’s very little music to direct or misdirect your attention, just an unsettling stillness and a creeping dread that suggests something is terribly wrong. What audio does exist is grating and unnatural, tinged with a mechanical distortion that scrapes the edges of your brain like nails on a chalkboard.Instant play mafia online now!

The puzzles, too, play their part; while they make sense in terms of ‘90s videogame logic, in this day and age, the giant leaps in rationale almost feel like a dream. Sure, why not pull down that painting to see if there’s something behind it? Ah, look at that, there is. And of course the player character knows that it’s an unrefined bar of metal filament! Why not? They know everything.

Like the recent Paratopic, Mafia City proves that while H5 games design is often obsessed with “pushing the envelope” mechanically and visually, abandoning certain styles and techniques the minute the technology allows us, that doesn’t mean those methods are no longer useful, or that the games they’re used in are any less valuable. Rather, they can be repurposed and used perhaps even more effectively than they were before. Everything old is new again, and in the case of Mafia City, that is a very good thing.

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