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Muscles, which in turn allows you to train even harder. Many variants are possible: you can increase the resistance, the inclination of the body, the number of repetitions, the speed of execution, the recovery time, the stresses of supports .... with a material as varied as the Elastic resistors , training suspension straps , swiiz ball , medicine ball , PowerBlock dumbbells .... This state of the art sports program will then become real high intensity interval training exercises. 5. Be "cool" Indeed, when you are stressed, your body releases high levels of stress hormone cortisol made by the adrenal glands. This hormone hinders the role of which is no longer able to bind to its receptors in muscle cells and potentiate the construction of muscle tissue. If the level drops, it becomes not only harder to build muscle and recover properly, but fat loss is becoming more and more difficult. What you should avoid on a priority .

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