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For every person who uses Norton Internet security needs to understand the basics of Remote desktop connections. These occur over the port 3380 by default in your Windows Operating system. If Norton Internet security is not properly configured then it will not allow the connections through this port. You can easily modify the changes in the Settings option of the software. This is just to allow the connections through the port 3389. You can do so by creating the latest firewall rules in the software.

There are a lot more Norton Internet security servers its users. Furthermore, it not only provides complete security on our web browser but also enables the user to access their data online. In this article, you will get to learn the essential steps for giving permission to a desktop remote with Norton Internet security. If you have some other queries to ask you can visit the official website of Norton that goes by the URL norton.com/setup. So, without any further doe’s let’s get started.

Elaborated steps to give permission to a desktop remote with Norton

In this section, you will get to learn the effective steps to permit desktop remotely with Norton Internet security:

First of all, you have to open the Norton Internet Security and also click on its icon and then tap on the “Settings” option.
You now have to tap on the option labeled as “Personal Firewall” and then tap on the “Configure” option and then you have to tap on the “Personal Firewall” option.
In this step, just choose the option naming “Advanced Settings” and click on the button “Configure” and then tap on the “Add” option.
Also, you have to choose the rule to allow a program through a port.
After this, click on the “Next” and choose the option “Internet” and after this, you have to click on the “Next” option.
Also, you have to choose the option “TCP” as the protocol. After this, type option “3389” as the name of the port.
In the end, you have to click on the “Next” option. And then clicking on it twice and then type in a name for the rule. Once it’s done just click on the “Next” option followed by the “Finish” button.
Note:-If you have any confusion about the steps then it is a recommendation to visit the official Norton website via norton.com/setup.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

We hope that by the steps here you have successfully given permission to a desktop remote with Norton. However, if you still have some queries that correlate to this topic,visit norton setup. The support assistants will provide the best possible solutions to timely solve your queries and concerns. The team of experts is the experienced technicians. And they also know the root cause of the issues or the problems that are in need to solve.

Smith Loo has been a writer in the technical field for quite long. His articles basically focus on helping users with various problems that they are facing while using different technologies. You may come across his writings on several web sites and hopefully, you will find them informative. You will find the latest information in his articles. Visit@:- www.norton.com/setup.

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