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Grow Extra Inches We have talked about some foods that can be consumed individually. A balanced combination of carbohydrates and proteins can make you feel sexy ready to enjoy your sex life. A woman's libido is stimulated when the neurotransmitter serotonin is released in the brain. Increase your serotonin level when you consume carbohydrates, without excesses, an abuse of carbohydrates can cause a massive shock of sugar, which could end up ruining the party. So avoid eating large plates of fettucine Alfredo, choose a meal that combines complex carbohydrates (such as whole wheat pasta, brown rice, vegetables and legumes), and simple carbohydrates (such as white pasta, white rice) and white bread). This will give a boost to serotonin and will keep you stable in energy and blood sugar level. Always a sensual touch or a loving caress that is established on the road to excitement produce a wonderful sensation, but what really will make the difference in boiling your blood flow is when your female erogenous zones are stimulated. There are those who think that the female erogenous zones are part of a great mystery, as if they were a secret part of the body, whose whereabouts is an undisclosed secret. Nothing is further from reality, your whole body can be considered a gigantic erogenous zone because your entire skin is full of sensitivity, some areas more sensitive than others. In a woman's body there are 1.5 million pleasure sensors, the nerve endings that ignite us when stimulated, the clitoris only has 8,000 of these pleasure sensors! There are specific areas that become especially sensitive when they wake up and, although each person is different, those areas are generally the same in every woman.






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