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office.com/setup: You might be using word with the minimal features that you can possibly use. But there is a lot that can be taken from word and your turn even your daily work into something beautiful and amazing.
This is not a joke this is really true, and you can really make it up for your documents that are really important to you. For example, you need to type in your resume, and you are not able to make the best resume and you don’t know which software to use and how to use that software.

You don’t need to do anything but use your old companion, Microsoft Word. Word has all that you need to create a beautiful document. You can do it all within your Home menu. Let us check what makes your document worth looking at.

Home Menu in Word Lets you Format your document.

The tools present in-Home Menu of MS word is:

.Copy Formatting
.Font Formatting
.List Formatting
.Paragraph Formatting
.Pre-Made Styles for Text

This menu only contains formatting options related to your Text. This is the basic and the professional menu to make sure that you can do all that you can ever do to make your text look beautiful.

PASTE: This is the basic and simple Paste function, that we usually know as “CTRL + V”. This can paste the item that you have Copied using the Copy Command or the Cut Command. This covers the Copy and Cut Function too.

Copy Formatting: This function lets you copy the formatting option of the selected text. This will copy the font and other formatting option to the selected text you want to paste it to. You can paste it through the paste function.

Font Formatting: This formatting option will take your document to next level. This is to make sure that you choose the correct font that suites your document. You can select everything related to your text in this menu. You can select the font from the drop-down menu and also select the size that you want. You can make the font bigger by clicking the A with arrow up button and you can also decrease the size but clicking the A with down arrow button. The other “Aa” has a drop down that lets you choose the Sentence Case, upper case or lower case or toggle case.

The other A right next to it is the A with the eraser, this will let you clear all the formatting that you have done before. Right below that in the new line is the “B” button that will make your selected text, Bolder and the next button “I” will make your select text into slants or Italics. The other button with “U” will under line your selected text. The underline button also has a dropdown that will give you options to underline in different ways. Then is the ab with a line on it, which will let you strike through your text, the next button, “X2” will make your selected text as Lowered text (substitute text) and the “X2” and this will turn your text to top or a superior text. The next section of buttons includes the word styles, This gives you a lot of pre made styles you can choose from. The next one is to highlight the text, and the next is to choose the font colour.

List Formatting: This lets you choose different styles for your formatted text that is in a list. This will let you choose different types of bullets or number styles for the list. This will even let you choose the Ordered or the unordered list.

Paragraph Formatting: This is used to format the way your paragraph looks, It usally does not have much to it but can have great impact on the looks of your Document. This is soo great that you might want to use it everytime you make a new word document. This will let you choose the alignment of the paragraph. You can set the paragraph either to Left, to right, to middle or justify the text according to your margins.

There is also a way to in dent your text in or out with the next to buttons. You can also set custom line spacing and line shading in the next buttons, There is also a Sort and a border button that lets you choose the required functionality too.

The other button the inverted “P” is there to toggle the formatting points on and off. It will precisely tell you how and where the formatting has been done.

Pre-Made Styles for Text: This is the pre-made styles that will let you choose all the pre-made styles to make sure that you don’t need to do any custom formatting you can select a paragraph simply set styles from the styles selector this will also give your document a pre-made beautiful look. There are a lot of styles available in the style selector.

There are other formatting options available in the other sections of MS Word, We will discuss that in our next posts, If you are willing to buy Office or setup office on your device you can simply visit Official Microsoft site at www.office.com/setup

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