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Medical Education in India!!!

Posted by arun on March 5th, 2015

Millions of students dream of becoming a doctor in India. No other profession is as respectful as a doctor. Most of them are unaware of the complete process of becoming a specialist or doctor. Any student for starters has to put in a lot of hard work and dedication. It requires the undertaking of an oath to serve all forms of life with application of one’s knowledge, kindness and compassion.

There is no other career like a medical career Wholesale Sharks Jerseys , which is satisfying when you cure people suffering from trauma, accidents, illnesses and disease. Merely acquiring a medical degree isn’t enough as it requires further specializations in any one of the branches given to become a specialist. Some of the fields in medicine, which one could specialize are as follows; gynecology Cheap Sharks Jerseys , pediatrics, ophthalmology, surgery, cardiology Tim Heed Sharks Jersey , neurology and neurosurgery. Usually the selection procedure is done through an entrance exam for medical undergraduate courses as well as PG medical entrance exam for postgraduate courses.

Following are some of the steps to become a medical specialist in India.

Specializations in Medical Field: There are many specialized courses in the medical field, they include

•Cardiology-deals with disorders of the heart,
•Neurosurgery-deals with surgical procedures relating to the brain,
•Orthopedics-deals with diseases and conditions of bone and the skeletal structure of the body Melker Karlsson Sharks Jersey ,
•Ophthalmology-disease condition of eyes,
•Psychiatry-psychiatry and issues related to mind such as mental, emotional or behavioral disorders,
•General medicine or MBBS-comprehends the patient’s problems and clinical test results and diagnoses the illness and formulates a treatment plan.
•Pediatrics- deals with diseases and conditions of children up to the age of 0-12 years.
•Obstetrics and gynecology-diagnose and treat the female reproductive disorders.

Medical courses are usually of three types and it is not necessary to follow this hierarchy to become a specialist as any one pursues the specialization courses directly after clearing the entrance exam for medical courses. They are; undergraduate courses Kevin Labanc Sharks Jersey , postgraduate courses, super specialty courses.

Overview of Different Medical Courses:

Bachelor of Dental sciences- Deals with study of dentistry and hands-on-practice, the duration of this program is four years. B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)-Duration of this program is 5 ½ years, subjects taught are related to general medicine. B.A.M.S or Ayurvedic medicine and surgery with a course duration of 5 ½ years Justin Braun Sharks Jersey , deals with study of Ayurvedic medicine. B.U.M.S. or study of Unani medicine and surgery. B.H.M.S or study of homeopathic medicine and surgery for 5 ½ years duration. B.V.Sc or study of Veterinary science and animals.

Post Graduate courses like M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) and M.S. (Master of Surgery) which is to be undertaken by students who complete M.B.B.S followed by clearing the P. G. Medical entrance exams. Similarly entrance exam for medical undergraduate courses are necessary to take up any undergraduate course.

The eligibility criteria for entrance exam for medical undergraduate courses is a pass in XIIth standard or equivalent with chemistry, physics and biology from any recognized Indian Board (CBSE, ICSE etc).

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