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Patrick Mahomes Week 5 Film Review: something improved and something that needs improvement This is part three of a three-part weekly film analysis on the performance of Patrick Mahomes.Part one here Authentic Kareem Hunt Jersey , part two here.Something improvedThe most fun part about watching Mahomes is knowing and seeing that heís just getting started and continues to improve on a weekly basis. The reps are going to bring plenty of experience and it seems as though he is maximizing every new opportunity and milking as much intel out of each play as he can.Over time, as he continues to get more and more thrown at him, youíre seeing his ability to process plays more quickly. His preparation during the week and experience heís gaining is allowing him to work through progressions quicker every week. Heís prepared for the coverages heíll see and is able to get off routes in his progression quickly because of his understanding of how the defense is playing him.Heís aware of coverage structure and knows who should be there and who shouldnít. Every week, we see more confidence to throw to voids. Some of the things heís showed in this cut-up of plays from Jacksonville:Play One (first two shots); Understanding coverage and knowing where the void will be for Kelce. Throws with anticipation and confidence, even though itís ultimately incomplete.Play Two: Working through his progression on the boot, knowing he has Conley working to him from the backside of the play, Smith clears and he has space to deliver the ball. Also great use of a high elbow to keep the short throw over the top of the defender.Play Three: With the corner cleared, knowing he has that underneath defender caught in a ďcanít be rightĒ situation. The way the defender started driving on the route to the flats makes me think Mahomes might have manipulated the coverage.Play Four: Understanding coverage and leverage, knowing that if the ball is on time and accurate on the out route, the defender doesnít have a chance. Good velocity to deliver the ball in time for an easy catch.Mahomes is seeing the field well and processing the plays at a very high level that will only grow over time. There is a lot to be excited about.Needs improvementMahomes talked about what went wrong with this throw after the game.He said he over-strided. Itís a common issue for players with pitching backgrounds. Heís mentioned it throughout training camp and after games, and it seems like a focal point for him from a mechanical perspective.Players with backgrounds as a pitcher are used to making long extensions when delivering pitches. I suffered that, going back and forth between football and baseball in my college career. It takes time to completely eliminate those learned movements and in certain situations, you sometimes lean on those old habits. Over-striding can lead to timing thrown off on your delivery and more importantly affect your release point. Balls tend to sail when you over-stride. Youíre also allowing more time for things to break down mechanically on the delivery of the ball. You never want a bail to sail in the middle of the field, and thatís obviously what happened on Sunday. It was a bad time for that mechanical breakdown.It will take more reps to eliminate it completely, but it rarely rears its ugly head, but it seems like something heís mindful of. I donít anticipate it being a continual issue, but you see minor relapses at times. Hopefully Authentic Mitch Morse Jersey , we donít see it result in any more turnovers moving forward.Miss this weekís episode of the AP Laboratory?If you canít see the player, click here.Links: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Art 19Bears beat Chiefs: six winners and five losers The Chicago Bears beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 27-20, on Saturday afternoon at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. We recapped the game here. Here are the gameís winner and losers:WinnersDennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY SportsPatrick Mahomes did not dazzle with something like The Throw, but I liked that aspect of the game. Magical, home-run plays arenít going to happen every single game, yet you still need to find a way to win. Mahomes was extremely efficient, and though he wasnít able to cash in on his lone second-half drive, you have the like the rhythm he was able to establish twice. Mahomes finished 18 of 24 for 196 yards and a touchdown. The Chiefs first-team run defense felt better, as long as Chase Daniel didnít have the ball in his hands. Daniel looking like Michael Vick in running for 47 yards on six tries is not a good thing and will need to be addressed (the Chiefs have a Week 16 date will Russell Wilson this season), but when the Bears running backs tried to gain yards, the Chiefs defense came up big. You could tell Reggie Ragland and Anthony Hitchens are still working into football shape, but they should make a difference this season.I know it was called back on a very controversial call, but how long have we been waiting for a hit like that out of outside linebacker Tanoh Kpassagnon? Kpassagnon absolutely crushed Daniel for a sack, and if that translates for the regular season, the Chiefs may have to think about mixing in the 6-foot-7 http://www.kansascitychiefsteamonline.com/laurent-duvernay-tardif-jersey , 290-pounder a bit more than originally planned for.Marcus Kemp was very impressive on his 55-yard touchdown, and that kind of play is one that will make the Chiefs think twice about cutting you. If the Chiefs do pass on Kemp, I expect him to find a home this time around.Chase Litton continues to distance himself from Matt McGloin as the No. 3 quarterback, at least in my mind. Litton finished 4 of 7 for 67 yards and the 55-yard touchdown he threw to Kemp.DeíAnthony Thomas looked really sharp in his debut. He seems to have regained his explosion, and special teams coordinator Uncle Dave Toub loves him. I think he makes this team as the fifth wide receiver, making the battle for No. 6 all the more interesting.LosersDale Zanine-USA TODAY SportsThe Chiefs first-team pass defense, particularly cornerbacks David Amerson and Orlando Scandrick, looked absolutely outmatched against Daniel and the second-team Bears offense. With Mitchell Trubisky on the sideline and the Bears pretty much writing off this game as meaning much, you would have like to see Amerson and Scandrick look good. They did not.The Chiefs run game did very little to impress me. It was good for the Chiefs to see Kareem Hunt manage the receiving touchdown, but on the ground he had three rushes for seven yards. Spencer Ware, Damien Williams and Darrel Williams combined for six rushes for three yards. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The wide receiver duo of Jehu Chesson and Gehrig Dieter did not benefit from Kempís shifty touchdown reception on Saturday afternoon. They could be on the outside looking in at that coveted No. 6 wide receiver position.Speaking of the wide receiver position, Saturday did little to make me feel better about Sammy Watkins. Watkins finished with just one catch on four targets for 15 yards. Itís hard to watch Watkinsí preseason production for the salary heís making as the secondary struggles mightily. Perhaps those funds should have been allocated elsewhere.The referees calling penalties like that on Kpassagnon need to readdress what roughing the passer is. I get there was a change to the rule to prevent defensive players from landing on quarterbacks, but no matter what language that is decided upon, the Kpassagnon sack should never be a penalty. Thatís just football.

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